The terms and conditions that are agreed to by me are as follows: CrimShield, Inc. is being hired by me to conduct an identity investigation and a criminal background investigation on me personally. For my investigation, CrimShield will not be providing or reporting any of the results of the investigations to any other party. CrimShield shall perform the investigations and interpret the results of court records to determine if I qualify for a CrimShield Certification under the following minimum criteria.
  • No felony found in the past ten (10) years from the date of the investigation to the date of the conviction, release from custody or release from parole, whichever occurs last;
  • No misdemeanor found relating to or regarding drugs, person or property in the last five (5) years from the date of the investigation to the date of the conviction;
  • No sex crimes found;
  • No crimes against children found;
  • No pending or looming legal action found which may result in a disqualifying felony or misdemeanor conviction, as set forth above;
  • Any open warrant or open criminal case;
  • The applicant has a valid and current United States Government or (U.S.) State Government issued identification card;
  • Submission of a current, accurate and verifiable personal photograph;
  • No information found suggesting fraudulent identification or illegal immigration status;
  • A felony or misdemeanor charge for which a diversion of any type was granted, regardless of whether a conviction was entered in the court records or if later dismissed. In such a case the applicant shall be excluded from a CrimShield Certification for a misdemeanor diversion for five (5) years from the investigation date to the date of the plea agreement/diversion agreement, release from probation or completion of the terms and conditions of diversion program, whichever occurs last; and for seven (7) years for a felony diversion from the investigation date to the date of the plea agreement, release from probation or completion of terms and conditions of the diversion program. CrimShield Investigators research and report on actual court records regarding an applicant regarding the above listed criteria. CrimShield is not responsible for court records or documents that are missing, misplaced, lost, imprecise, vague, purged, deleted, erased, removed, sealed, expunged, inaccurate, unavailable, inaccessible, incorrectly input into the Court system by the Court, or Court clerk error of any kind. Some States have requirements that prohibit its Courts from maintaining criminal records for more than 7 years past the conviction date; some States simply fail to do so. Some States have prohibitions from reporting of court records or other adverse information that antedate the convictions/deferments by 7 years of the report. Federal law prohibits reporting of adverse, non-conviction information for 7 years antedate to the report. CrimShield reserves the right to a case by case review of any application and investigation to determine whether or not to issue a Certification. CrimShield does not discriminate based on Race, Color, Ethnic Origin, Religion, Age, Gender, Familial Status or Disability/Handicap.
I understand that my investigation may consist of information found by CrimShield investigators in applicable State and Federal Courts, State and Federal Sex registry databases and in other resources available to CrimShield Investigators. I warrant that my personal identifying information that I present to CrimShield for my investigation, including but not limited to, my full name, social security number, birth date, address and photo id, is all true and accurate. I understand and agree that no other company or organization has control over my investigation or the results of my investigation, the interpretation of court records or other sources, the analysis of the criteria as it relates to the court records or the results of the investigation conducted by CrimShield, Inc. I also agree that I have no claim of any kind for any reason whatsoever against CrimShield, or any company, affiliate, partner or organization associated with CrimShield, regarding the CrimShield investigation, the results of the investigation, my name and photo on the CrimShield website or other website, should I be denied a CrimShield certification or any consequences as a result of whom I may show or share my investigation results. I understand that CrimShield, Inc. will only show the results of the investigation to me if I request the results in writing to CrimShield, Inc., P.O. Box 5960, Mesa, Arizona, 85211. I understand that CrimShield will not share my personal data CrimShield obtained from me, or the results of my investigation, with any person, company or organization, unless instructed by a court or a tribunal of proper jurisdiction requires CrimShield to do so. However, I agree that my name and photo may be placed on a CrimShield, Inc website, or other website, where the public may view that I am approved for a CrimShield Certification. I have a right to dispute the findings of the CrimShield investigation. I understand that CrimShield's only goal is to see that the investigation results are accurate and complete. I understand that CrimShield desires teamwork with me in that regard. CrimShield will work with me to help facilitate that the results are accurate and complete. In that regard, I agree to supply all information that CrimShield may need to complete an investigation, review an investigation or reinvestigate. I understand that failure to fully cooperate with CrimShield will result in CrimShield not issuing a CrimShield certification and showing a denial thereof. In such an event, I have no claim whatsoever against CrimShield for denying me a CrimShield Certification I understand that the photo ID card belongs to and remains the property of CrimShield. I only have a revocable license to use the card while I am Certified. I agree to return the card if for ANY reason my right to a CrimShield certification is terminated. I understand that it is in CrimShield's sole discretion as to whether a CrimShield certification is terminated and that some of the reasons, but not all of the reasons, for termination are that: I let someone else use my photo ID card, I commit a criminal act or am charged with a criminal act, I perform some act in public considered socially distasteful or repugnant, I dishonor CrimShield in some way, I attempt to use my CrimShield ID in a way for which it was not intended as it is simply a photo ID card showing that I have gone through a deep background investigation and no criminal history was found that does not meet the criteria set forth above or for any other reason found to be pertinent to the high standards of CrimShield, all in CrimShield's sole discretion. Therefore, I agree that I will never allow any other person to use the CrimShield Certification card for any reason. I understand that CrimShield, Inc. in its capacity as a criminal background investigation company is not my employer, or an employer at all, and does not participate in any way in hiring or firing decisions for any applicant nor for any employer. CrimShield, Inc. is only providing a CrimShield Certification relating if I pass a background investigation to me. I understand that CrimShield shall not provide an investigation report to me unless I formally request a copy. I warrant that if I use my CrimShield Certification for contracting or employment purposes, that such use is between my contractor or employer and me only and that CrimShield has nothing to do with my decision. I specifically authorize CrimShield to conduct an investigation of my identity and background and to analyze my background pursuant to the criteria set forth above to determine if I shall be issued a CrimShield Certification. I authorize CrimShield, Inc. to request any information necessary to complete a background investigation, including, but not limited to, information as to my reputation, character, history of payments, driving record, credit bureau reports from any credit reporting agency, workman comp claims, judgments, criminal history, evictions and etc. I also authorize CrimShield, Inc. to verify my identity by running a social security search (or by any other means), to verify addresses and to review any and all public and private records. I authorize any and all governmental agencies and private entities to release any and all information relating to me to CrimShield, Inc. for the purpose of a background investigation and or criminal background searches. I understand that CrimShield, Inc does not sell, distribute, disseminate, disperse or provide any personal files or investigative results to other agencies, entities or individuals for any reason, other than what may be obtained legally through a court of law. CrimShield does not maintain an actively updating file on any individual who has had a background/criminal search performed. Each report is researched at the time it is ordered and the findings of that report only are stored. CrimShield is not an instant or database investigative provider. CrimShield, or a representative of CrimShield, accesses court records physically, electronically or digitally for each investigation, every time. I understand that CrimShield, Inc. does not to discriminate against any applicant because of race, religion, color, age, gender, disability, ethnic origin, familial status or military service. I agree that if I have lived in a State or County that has monetary surcharges to search their State or County records that I must pay the additional sum for investigating in those State or County records. I understand that CrimShield shall not add any additional charges, surcharges or fees of its own for researching such State or County court records. CrimShield agrees to notify me of any such surcharges when CrimShield learns of any State or County that charges monetary surcharges (a fee to search public records).

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